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our story

Le’kasri crafts luxury bespoke menswear. Inspired by our forefathers, the great African kings and leaders who walked before us, our designs show strength, stature and style. We fuse this rich history with modern day bespoke to fashion each suit to fit the customer.

Bespoke tailoring is the original and ultimate experience in clothing. There is simply nothing quite like wearing a bespoke garment and our service showcases top quality Kenyan tailoring in its finest form. Completely hand-made, it takes a minimum of 10 days to create a bespoke tailored suit.

Our clients are kings and our role is to give counsel knowing that with good advice all men can be royal.

Suit Philosophy

At Le’kasri Bespoke we are building our heritage of quality over price. From the full canvas construction to the quality of the fabrics, we are proud to say that we produce some of the finest custom made suits Nairobi has to offer. Put your trust in us and you will not be disappointed.


We take pride in producing some of the world’s most covetable handmade suits. Simply put, we only aim for the best possible construction, cloth, detailing and fit. Go bespoke and there’s no turning back.

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