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Linda Ufalme

We create a dynasty of style through generations.

King Jaja

A double breasted and white pin-dot suit inspired by King Jaja of Opobo. King Jaja was a wise ruler and an amazing merchant who managed to rise from being a slave to the head of state. The suit represents courage, perfection, power and elegance.

Shaka Zulu

Glen-check tuxedo jacket with black shawl lapel and black pants inspired by Shaka Zulu. Shaka was an intelligent and sophisticated king who won many wars with great combat tactics. This suit represents Power, stability wisdom and perfection.

Osei Tutu

Three piece single breasted navy suit with a dark grey waist coat inspired by Osei Tutu King of the Ashanti kingdom. He was a peaceful and wise ruler for many decades. The suit represents tranquility, calmness, softness and understanding.

Linda Ufalme Collection

Wise African rulers groomed and taught different values which were passed through generations. Le’kasri combines this rich heritage and unmatched handmade tailoring to craft the best bespoke suits.