Archived Collection

Meet The Kings

Suits inspired by temperaments from great African leaders

Osei Tutu

Three piece single breasted navy suit with a barleycorn waist coat inspired by Osei Tutu King Asantehene of the kingdom of Ashanti, a lover of peace, an intelligent and wise ruler. The garment represents tranquility, calmness, softness and understanding.

Mensa Musa

Two piece single breasted dark green tartan suit. The look was inspired by Mensa Musa the first, of the Mali Empire, who is believed to be the wealthiest man to ever walk the earth. He was a master economist and an intelligent businessman. The garment represents ambition, growth, harmony, fertility, freshness and wealth, it also represents stability and endurance.

Hannibal Of Carthage

Single breasted two piece grey glencheck suit inspired by Hannibal of Carthage. King Hannibal is believed to be the greatest military leader and strategist of all time. The garment represents strength, authority and formality, it also represents mystery and elegance.

Nzinga Mbemba

Red two piece double breasted suit inspired by Nzinga Mbemba, also known as King Alfonso of the Kongo Empire, the first ruler to resist the slave trade. The garment channels energy, war, strength, power, desire and love, the garment also indicates courage.

Shamba Bolongongo

The two piece double breasted navy windowpane is inspired by Shamba Bolongongo of the Congo, also known as the African King of peace. He was a wise ruler, a lover of peace and a great promoter of the arts and craft during his reign. The garment represents depth, stability, confidence, intelligence, trust and sincerity.